Air Retail Shop Career Opportunity by Shibani Air Services

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Working on an airport retail shop is quite different from serving things local high streets. Retail jobs tend to be high paced and full of surprises, as passengers choose to buy up essentials and gifts in a very short time before they board flights. Shibani Air Services Pvt. Ltd. is meant to provide knowledge and training to the candidates who opt for airport retail shop job as a career option.

As per Shibani Air Services, the role you play in airport retail shop is “retail sales associate “who work there and tend to enjoy variety and pace of the store they work in. Often there are shifts in this role because departures terminals have such long hours of operation.

When there will be long flight delays, customers suddenly have time in their hands and stuck in the departure terminals for hours. This is the great opportunity for retail sales assistant to advice them about beauty products, perfumes and more generating great sales for the store.

Full time and part time airport assistant roles are available and there are also airport retail jobs in catering outlets, again to work in shifts as customers need serving between 4a.m. and 11p.m.

Retailers recruiting for sales associates for their airport retail stores generally look for people who have passion for their particular product like food, books, fashion watches and jewellery. For this you have to be commercial minded plus enjoy while dealing with customer and able to perform well under pressure.

Working in Airport retail shop you can expect fun environment, lively with a large emphasis on teamwork and reaching sales and performing goals.