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Now-a-days, aircraft maintenance engineer achieving great height with upcoming booming opportunities. Shibani Air Services Pvt. Ltd. will give you an abstraction about what are the duties of aircraft maintenance engineer and what skills are required to be a part of this profile as they have experience of closely working with aviation industry.

Shibani Air Services are well known for providing high-end training and placements to the candidates, opt to work in aircrafts. They work with their candidates throughout the recruitment process. Maintenance and Engineering is one of their services.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and carefully. They work with specialized power and aviation tools, computer and diagnostic equipment and x-ray machines .Aircraft maintenance engineer will directly work on aircraft in a factory or aircraft hangar environment.

Duties and Tasks

·         Conduct maintenance, repair, inspection and upgrades of aircraft engines including critical control system maintenance.
·         Conduct pre-flight assessments of aircraft engine and other associate mechanical systems.
·         Maintain tools and work requirements.
·         Perform component testing including modifications and repairs to enjoy systems and parts.
·         Examine aircraft engines for malfunction.
·         Daily duties involved keeping record, performing scheduled maintenance and making emergency repairs.

Skills Required

·         Attention to details
·         Technically sound
·         Troubleshooting skills
·         Planning and organization
·         Diagnosis and Repairs
·         Proficient in English
·         Willing to travel as you might have to shift stations often
·         Disciplined, able to work hard

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is an exciting career. All you need to be work harder to grow in this field. Just stick to your goals, nothing is impossible.